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Why Does A Windshield Chip Turn Into A Full Crack?

Especially if you live in a location with harsh winters, like we can have in North Vancouver, you know this scenario all too well: you’re driving on the highway a few days after a snowfall. Although you’re a safe distance behind the semi-truck in front of you, it seems to target every pebble on Earth right toward your front windshield. And inevitably, you hear the ping. You frantically check your windshield and indeed see a tiny chip, but luckily it doesn’t seem bad enough to warrant full windshield repair.

A few days later, you get into your car to drive to work and somehow this tiny windshield chip has spread into a full-fledged crack across your windshield. Now, it seems like the crack could merit windshield repair. You decide to take it into an auto glass shop, and by this point your crack looks like someone smashed your windshield with a hammer. You need a full windshield replacement. Believe it or not, multiple outside factors converge to worsen your windshield chip. Learn more below about the reasons tiny cracks spread, and why windshield chip repair is an important part of car maintenance.


Exposure to Moisture

One of the primary reasons windshield chips nearly always spread into more serious cracks involves outside moisture. Because windshields are actually made up of two pieces of glass separated by vinyl, moisture can seep between the glass layers and worsen a crack. Living in rainy areas can worsen the issue, but even exposure to a carwash can exacerbate the chip and turn it into a bigger problem. It is impossible to avoid exposing your car to moisture, even if you live in the Sahara, so a safer bet is to seek windshield chip repair almost as soon as it happens.

Differences in Temperature

Unless you live in a place that is always 22 Celsius and your car also happens to be 22 Celsius, you can bet that your windshield crack will spread. If it is really hot outside and you blast your air conditioner, this difference in temperature adds pressure to the windshield and thus spreads the windshield chip. The same thing happens if it cold outside and you turn up the heat. As with moisture, it is virtually impossible to maintain consistent temperatures on the exterior versus interior of your car. Given this reality, scheduling windshield chip repair is the more practical option to fix the chip before it spreads.

Bumps or Braking

Beyond moisture and temperature factors, driving your car normally still makes your windshield chip worse. Any time you brake suddenly, go over a pothole or speed bump, or even drive at a fast speed, you strain the windshield. As with a torn muscle, adding this stress to an already-chipped windshield just makes the problem worse. Even if it feels unnecessary to get a tiny chip replaced, it’s not. Windshield chip repair is a far better option than having to replace a whole windshield down the road.

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