Especially if you live in a location with harsh winters, like we can have in North Vancouver, you know this scenario all too well: you’re driving on the highway a few days after a snowfall. Although you’re a safe distance behind the semi-truck in front of you, it seems to target every pebble on Earth right toward your front windshield. And inevitably, you hear the ping. You frantically check your windshield and indeed see a tiny chip, but luckily it doesn’t seem bad enough to warrant full windshield repair.

A few days later, you get into your car to drive to work and somehow this tiny windshield chip has spread into a full-fledged crack across your windshield. Now, it seems like the crack could merit windshield repair. You decide to take it into an auto glass shop, and by this point your crack looks like someone smashed your windshield with a hammer. You need a full windshield replacement. Believe it or not, multiple outside factors converge to worsen your windshield chip. Learn more below about the reasons tiny cracks spread, and why...


The windows in your office aren’t something that is typically noticed from day to day, neither are the glass tables, or shelves. Unless they become cracked or chipped. Modern business offices use glass in a way that makes the space more open and inviting to both employees, visitors, and gives a rich, elegant look to executive offices, lunchrooms, or reception areas. But what do you do when your existing glass becomes cracked or chipped? Or do you want to remodel your outdated office with glass walls, sliding glass doors, or new glass windows? Pro-Wide Glass wants to be your source for all of your glass needs, from commercial glass repair and replacement to designing new commercial storefront doors, glass shelves, or glass tables.


If you’re driving along on the highway and a huge truck in front of you spews a rock and it chips your windshield, what do you do? It doesn’t look bad enough where you have to replace the entire windshield, but you’re not sure. Drive your car home and inspect the chip, it might be small enough that it can be repaired instead of replaced. There are repair kits that can be purchased, but are they worth it? How do they work? Here is everything you need to know about auto glass repair kits.


If you think about it, there may be a lot of glass in your home. Windows, skylights, sliding glass doors, glass tables, glass picture frames, or mirrors, all of these items at one point or another may crack or break. Moving things around, tossing a ball with your kids, walking into doors, falling plants in the kitchen, accidents happen and when they do, what are you going to do with your favorite frame? Don’t throw out that coffee table that has been passed down from family to family. At Pro-Wide Glass, we want to repair the glass in your home, or if repair isn’t possible, replace it. We understand that things break, and we want to be there to replace your windows when they crack. In the meantime, here are some tips to protect the glass in your home from damage.


Chips or cracks sometimes appear in your car’s windshield without you realizing it or knowing how it happened. They can big small and barely noticeable or long cracks reaching from one side to the other. How do you know what it can be repaired and when it’s too damaged and needs to be replaced? Most car owners want to put if off as long as possible. No one wants to be inconvenienced with something that seems so small. However, knowing what to look for can protect from further damage and can even keep you and your passengers safe from breaking glass.

In most cases, whether it’s a chip or a crack, the windshield can be repaired; however, this depends on factors including the size, type, depth, and location of the chip or crack. An auto glass company will determine if the damage can be repaired or needs to be replaced, but each case will be looked at closely in order to decide what needs to be done.


Have you seen the movie, Sweet Home Alabama? Do you know that scene where he puts steel rods into the sandy beach during a lightning storm? The lightning strikes the steel rods and the sand beneath turns to glass. That is basically how glass is made; sand and heat. In a glass manufacturing plant, sand, limestone, and soda ash are mixed with glass of recycling centers and all are heated in a furnace. With the resulting molten glass, it can be poured into molds for bottles, glasses, or it can be poured to make sheets of glass for windows. An amazing property of glass is that it can be recycled over and over. Now that you know glass is made, how are windshields made? If you have any glass needs, from windshield repair or windshield replacement, to window replacement in your home, to glass tabletop repair in your business, Pro-Wide Glass can help you out. Contact us to schedule an appointment for windshield repair, it only takes 20-30 minutes per chip or crack.


If you know anything about glass, you know how strong it can be, but also fragile at the same time. Chips and cracks often damage glass, which only leaves the glass more fragile, but when installed correctly, glass is incredibly strong. Glass is a beautiful product, even when it is the windshield of your car. With sleek lines and durability, glass makes up your daily life, although you may not realize it; windows protecting your home from the elements and also allowing in light, the windshield in your car, glass tables in your living room, or glass doors in your company’s entryway. Pro-Wide Glass is here to install and repair all of the glass in your life. We are here to offer you auto, home and commercial glass repair and installation. Contact Pro-Wide Glass today.